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German donor agency GIZ engaged Bridging Peoples to support their climate change adaptation team, comprising district focal points and government partners working with communities, by providing community mobilisation training.

Climate change is a major issue affecting farmers and rural communities more generally. While the science is known, many farmers do not understand the changing weather patterns, and it is difficult to mobilise poor farming families to engage with new agricultural practices.

The three-day training was specifically tailored to GIZ’s climate change adaptation program, delivered to twenty three participants. to provide staff and government partners with practical tools and strategies that they could use to educate often-illiterate farmers on climate change and implications for how they farm, mobilise people to engage with the program and learn to use new farming strategies, and encourage greater participation of women, young people and people with disabilities in the work.


Training was very well received, with 20 of the 23 participants it as ‘excellent’, and pre- and post- tests indicating a 70% increase in participants’ understanding of key community mobilisation principles and practices.