Projects Conducted by Bridging Peoples


APPLIED RESEARCH Gendered Marketplace Assessment

Client: IWDA

ASSESSMENT Economic Diversification in Timor-Leste

Client: OXFAM

ASSESSMENT Supporting the Agricultural Sector in Timor-Leste

Client: OXFAM

Strategic Consulting: Alternative Dispute Resolution Guidelines

Client: UN Women

Applied Research: Public Perceptions of Women as Leaders

Client: Monash University

STRATEGIC CONSULTING Facilitation / Review of Programs & Gender for Oxfam

Client: OXFAM

APPLIED RESEARCH Gendered Marketplace Assessment

Client: Adam Smith International

APPLIED RESEARCH Gender-Responsive Alternative Dispute Resolution

Client: UN Women

Training & Mentoring: Supporting Strategic Planning and Community Engagement for Local NGO

Client: Friends of Suai

Strategic Consulting: Programming to Support Women’s Community Groups

Client: IWDA

APPLIED RESEARCH Impact of Humanitarian Aid on Local Economies in Syria

Client: IIED

STRATEGIC CONSULTING Support on Citizen Engagement, Local Governance & Decentralisation

Client: Counterpart International

APPLIED RESEARCH Teenage Pregnancy & Early Marriage

Client: UNFPA

TRAINING Community Engagement for Aid Provision in Syria

Client: Trust Consultancy & Development

Training: Community Engagement for Local Development in Timor-Leste

Client: Various NGOs

Applied Research: Driving Factors for Transactional Sex in Timor-Leste

Client: UNFPA

TRAINING Communities Addressing Corruption in Timor-Leste

Client: CEPAD

Strategic Consulting: Facilitation Country Strategic Planning & Associated Workshops

Client: OXFAM

EVALUATION Rural Women’s Economic Groups & Cooperatives

Client: IWDA

TRAINING Community Mobilisation for Climate Change Adaptation

Client: GIZ

Evaluation: Final Evaluation of Rural Women’s Development Program in Timor-Leste

Client: IWDA

Strategic Consulting: Facilitation Policy Workshop on Village Law

Client: World Bank