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March 2021

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50 hours

Time Commitment

US $547.00


Do You Want To:

Include community members as active participants, and not just passive respondents, in the research/MEL process?

Understand decolonising research methodologies, and how to apply them to your work?

Reflect on and incorporate different types of knowledge and perspectives in your methodology?


In this group coaching program, you will be supported in incorporating and applying various participatory techniques in your research or monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) work—from project design to dissemination of findings. You will also explore your role in balancing different types of knowledge in your methodology, considering how that knowledge is disseminated, and the possibilities of using that knowledge for social change.

This program is ideal for people who are responsible for designing research or MEL methodologies, and managing the data collection and analysis process at the local level.


By the end of this program, you will be able to:

Analyse project needs and design a methodology that is appropriate to the local context.

Strategically incorporate different participatory approaches into the research/MEL design.

Work with local leaders and community members to engage them as active participants in the data collection process.

Design an analysis plan that recognises and incorporates different types of knowledge.

Develop an ethics framework that meets the needs of more vulnerable/marginalised sectors of the community, following a Do No Harm approach.

Plan for effective research uptake that ensures community voices reach the people & policy-makers who need to hear them.

About Your Instructor

Key Features

User-Friendly Site, Structure and Materials.

This course is designed to be as accessible as possible. While everything I teach is based on a strong theoretical framework, the lessons are simple, and focused on practical application. The site is designed to make it as easy as possible to navigate, access materials, and keep track of where you are up to—so you can focus on learning.

Work At Your Own

Although the live course goes for 4 weeks, you will have access for 6 months. This allows you to try out what you learn, return and dip back into different sections of the course as you reflect on how the principles, tools and strategies apply in your work and community context.

Access To The Course Convener.

You get all of the benefits of working with the Founder & Director of Bridging Peoples, Dr. Deborah Cummins – giving her BEST teachings, tools, strategies and advice – without having to pay hefty consultant fees or enrol in a University course!

Access to the Community.

Perhaps most importantly, you get access to a community of like-minded professionals. People who, like you, want to really make a difference in people’s lives through their work. And who are prepared to step up, challenge themselves to think differently about their work, and try something new.



This program is for people who have already completed or are currently enrolled in either the Principles of Good Local Development course, or the Theories and Concepts of Good Local Development course.

The program is ideal for researchers or MEL specialists who want to improve how they engage with community members as active participants, reflect on community realities & needs, and are sensitive to the decolonising research agenda. Participants may include Masters by research or PhD students, research/MEL professionals, or anyone else who
wants to reflect deeply on how they gather and disseminate information from and about communities.

Discounts are offered for group enrolments of over three people.

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