Community Engagement Training


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Bridging Peoples has delivered our signature 3-day participatory training on community engagement to various aid and development workers in Timor-Leste and Turkey/Syria. The training takes a structured approach, giving participants practical tools and approaches that they can use to analyse and improve how they engage with the communities they work with. The training is participatory, encouraging participants to reflect deeply on their own work, and identify areas where they can engage more deeply with community members across every stage of the program life-cycle.

The training has been tested and refined over the years, and is now a core offering of Bridging Peoples. Training is provided at two levels: community engagement for community workers, and community engagement for program managers.

Participant feedback shows that the vast majority (91%) considered the course ‘excellent’, with the most common reason that it gives them practical tools that they can immediately apply to give them a baseline of their current community engagement, and to then to improve how they work with communities.

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