Have you ever found yourself working on a great development project, but…

You couldn’t get people to attend meetings without paying an attendance fee?
Or maybe meetings went well, but then nothing actually happened afterwards?

You couldn’t get communities engaged with the work?
Or maybe everything you did stopped with the local elites, when in fact you were meant to be working with more

You couldn’t get community members to contribute to the work?
Or maybe you thought the project had gone ok, but it all fell apart as soon as the funding ended?

Learn how to improve local ownership, get community members engaged, and unlock the development potential of your work.

About the Bridging Peoples Academy

The Bridging Peoples Academy is part of Bridging Peoples —an agency specialising in local development, with a proven track-record working with governments, NGOs and UN agencies around the world.

We’re passionate about improving the impact of aid and development at the local level. The Academy is designed to bring together our practical real-world experience, with up-to-date research and international best practice, to help students improve their work and impact at the local level.

What You’ll Learn…

We teach you the tools, principles and mindset of good local development, so you can learn how to:

Better harness local strengths and resources

Design programs to more
accurately reflect local needs &
Work legitimately with local leaders
and community members

Choose the Right Program for You

We know different students have different needs, with some preferring independent learning, and others preferring a more structured group coaching experience. Regardless of your preference, we’ve got you covered.


In our online e-courses, students can
sign up and go through the course materials

These courses are designed for flexible learning,
with students having access to the online discussion board
to discuss and share their insights with their peers, and
frequent interactions with the Bridging Peoples team.

By the end of these courses, students will have
learned the core principles, skills and mindset
of doing good local development work,
that they can then apply in their work.


Our online group coaching programs are
tailored for professionals to support them
in applying what they learn, depending  on their
area of expertise. These are structured programs,
following a ‘flipped classroom’ methodology,  with a strong
focus on peer discussion,  reflective activities  and
learning through doing.

By the end of the program, students will have the
necessary understanding and skills to apply and
adapt what they learn to their unique work
and community context.

Our Courses

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Bridging Peoples Academy experience, and we’re confident you will be.

But if you’re not, all you need to do is let us know within the designated time-frame we’ll give you your money back, minus a small administration fee.

For full details, please refer to the terms and conditions for your specific course.

Learning by Doing

In the Bridging Peoples Academy, we use reflective learning with a focus on learning by doing, in order to embed key concepts in students’ minds, helping them apply what they learn to their work and community context.

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