The Bridging Peoples 3-Day Community Engagement Course (Tetun) takes participants through the basics of community engagement, drawing on best practice principles as well as practical experience from around the world on what it takes to engage effectively with communities.

In this three-day course, participants will be taught practical strategies that will improve their work with communities across the project life-cycle—from identifying a project, through planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation, and specific mobilisation and outreach strategies.

The methodology is participatory, aiming for participants to fit what they learn to their specific work and community context, and in so doing providing practical strategies that they can begin to implement immediately in their work.

To allow for this participatory approach, we require a minimum 5 participants for the course to go ahead. The total number of participants is strictly limited to 15 people.

This is a foundational-level course, appropriate for people working at the program officer and program manager level. Training is in Tetun.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the three-day workshop, participants will have learned the following:

  • best-practice principles and processes of community engagement;
  • strategies to improve community engagement and outreach across the different stages of the project life-cycle;
  • how to map, understand, and effectively engage with local governance and leadership structures in the communities where you work;
  • how to identify and work with more vulnerable members of the community; working with local champions;
  • how to develop a basic community engagement and outreach strategy for your program.

If you have any specific questions about the course content or focus, please feel free to contact Deborah Cummins at

About The Trainer

 Dr. Deborah Cummins is the Founder and Director of Bridging Peoples (, and an expert on community engagement and community-sensitive development. She holds a PhD on local governance, and has led numerous research teams investigating different aspects of community governance and engagement across a variety of contexts. Over the past 15 years, she has worked as local governance and community engagement specialist for a number of organisations, and has also taught on different aspects of international development, public policy and community engagement at universities in Australia and abroad. She is the author of a book published by Routledge: Local Governance in Timor-Leste: Lessons in Postcolonial Statebuilding.

How To Join

To enrol in this course, just email with the name(s) of the participant and a brief description of their current work responsibilities, and we will take it from there!

Training Dates:     23rd to 25th November 2016 (inclusive)

 Cost:                        US$285.00

Payment can be made by cheque or credit card (using PayPal).